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Person County Animal Services Silent Auction

Alpha Dogs

We're big fans of Person County Animal Services here at Nerdibles! We thought it would completely rock to do a little fundraiser for them. Let us introduce you to Buck, the hero pit bull from the comic Alpha Dogs, an Indy comic book series by Jon Dexter.

We are hosting a silent auction that will benneift PCAS. The top two bids will win signed copies of Alpha Dogs issues 1-3. The auction begins today, 7/20/2023 and will close 8/3/2023. The winner will be announced Friday, August 4th.

We'll meet at PCAS with to present the prizes and go live on Facebook for the announcement. Jon Dexter will join us for that event to congratulate the winners.

Here are ways to bid for the auction

  • In person at Nerdibles, 123 Depot St, Roxboro NC 27573
  • By email to
  • By phone (336) 900-5700
  • By text (252) 644-0123

If you bid by text, make sure to include your name.

Current high bid is: $40