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Cold Kutter #1 Cover B - Graded 9.8


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Cold Kutter issue # 1 is a crime noir story set in modern Manhattan, with protagonist Dillon Kutter, private investigator. New York has become a dark and gritty place, especially when investigating drug lords and mafia families. Dillon has found his life in real turmoil after helping to convict gang leader, Jabo Jones. Dillon's romantic interest, Trif Austin is in danger and Dillon will have to act quickly, against incredible odds, or lose her forever. Dillon Kutter is a formidable opponent, but will it be enough?

Readers will experience a crime noir thriller with relatable characters, action, suspense, and drama all packed in between gorgeous front and back cover art.

         I am Charles W. Morgan, creator, writer and artist of Cold Kutter.  I feel strongly you will enjoy the suspense and action of this book. Dillon learns to deal with past events while cultivating a future relationship despite events that truly robbed him of joy. His inner strength and faith will aid him in reclaiming it.  I'm proud of this book and the  incredibly talented people working on it.  I collaborated on Studio Cover C with comics legend Josef Rubinstein, variant cover pencilled, inked and colored by super talented Kenny Calderon and colorists Giorgio Rosasco , Rob Powers and Jesse Heagy and covers with art by myself.