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Custom luggage tags


Introducing our custom luggage tags with QR code functionality! 🌟🧳

Never lose your luggage again with these innovative and personalised tags. Each tag can be customised with your name, contact details, and any other important information you need. But that's not all! The built-in QR code can store even more data, making it easier than ever to retrieve your lost belongings.

Simply scan the QR code using a smartphone or tablet, and instantly access all the information you've stored. Whether it's your home address, email, or phone number, you can rest assured that your belongings will find their way back to you.

Made from durable materials, these luggage tags are designed to withstand the rigours of travel. The vibrant colours and sleek design will also make your bags stand out from the crowd, ensuring they're easily recognizable on the carousel.

Don't let lost luggage ruin your trip. Invest in our custom luggage tags with QR code functionality today and travel with peace of mind. Order now and embark on worry-free adventures! ✈️🌍