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Flesh and Blood TCG: Outsiders Booster Box


Introducing the Flesh and Blood TCG: Outsiders Booster Box! Dive into the treacherous world of the Pits, where deceit and cunning reign supreme. This standalone booster set offers an unparalleled draft experience with multiple heroes in each class. Will you choose to be the deadly Arakni or the enigmatic Uzuri? The courageous Azalea or the relentless Riptide? The swift Katsu or the elusive Benji? With unique strengths, strategies, and card preferences, each hero brings their own dynamic to the game. With 16 cards per pack, 24 packs per display, and 4 displays per case, the Outsiders Booster Box offers endless possibilities with its 239-card set. Get ready to explore the depths of the Pits and experience the ultimate draft adventure!