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Tokyo Blade Detective #5


Welcome to Tokyo -

Over the last two hundred years, Japan has been a part of many world-altering events. A world war, a civil war, a complete reconstruction of the nation, the rise of technology on a level never seen before, and several new powers coming to claim the Land of the Rising Sun for their own.

After changing so much, Japan sought to reclaim who they are by not only making sure no other nations could interfere with them anymore, but also, by going back to their past and embracing certain customs to make them feel alive again.

Japan now is a culture clash of futuristic technology, but with people showing off the more traditionalist natures of Japan's past via their clothes and their weapons.

Because in this version of Japan, there is a rule that everyone must follow without question or hesitation:

"No Guns Allowed"

And in the wake of that rule, and the technology that the country has, the people of Japan, and especially Tokyo, have created powerful laser swords for themselves to use. Whether it be for self-defense, or to stake your claim on an area, the blade rules Japan once again.